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Iyetra - Book 03: Proxy War

Joshua Meadows

Iyetra - Book 03: Proxy War Overview

In "Iyetra - Book 02: Animus", Tela was sent to recover an ancient religious text sought after by a doomsday cult devoted towards the resurrection of an imprisoned god. Wresting it from their grip in the final moment, the Consortium has had a few months of blessed calm in their war against the daemons. Now, out of nowhere, these enemies of the Advent have struck back with a new plan to attack their enemies and remove the the Matriarch once and for all. Thrust into conflict in the midst of a strange, alternate version of Triyard, Tela is on her own to stop the machinations of the Harbinger before his goals come to fruition. Iyetra is a fractured world of science and magic, demons and cultists, spread out across a cosmos populated by shattered fragments of an ancient planet. Iyetra - Book 03: Proxy War is the third episode in the Iyetra novella series. For more information about Iyetra visit

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Iyetra - Book 03: Proxy War

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  • ISBN-13: 9781452428345
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